Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dallas Love Field Gluten Free

Dallas Love Field happens to be my favorite airport.  Why you ask? Well, I live just a few miles away, it’s a small airport that’s never crowded or stressful and they’ve recently undergone a major renovation.

Luckily, the renovation included a restaurant revamp and there are some great gluten free options.  Next time you find yourself in the DAL airport with an unexpected delay, don’t worry ‘bout it!  Below is a list of restaurants that offer gluten free items. To view each restaurant's allergen list, simply click the links!

Cru Wine Bar – While expensive, Cru is able to adjust most of their entrees to be gluten free. You’ll find a variety of cheese plates, charcuterie boards, salads, filets, seafood and wine flights for those looking to take the edge off.

Sky Canyon – I never found the restaurant while in the airport, but I know it’s got to be great!  It’s the newest Stephan Pyles restaurant and offers a variety of Tex-Mex dishes, brisket, Southern cooking and a moderately priced brunch menu.  I’ve heard great things about this restaurant and that the staff is extremely helpful and accommodating.

Moe’s Southwest Grill – Opt for a bowl or salad for a quick meal in the Dallas Love airport.  As their allergen menu states, all of their meats, beans and condiments are gluten free.  Beware of the crispy corn taco shells and Southwestern Chili though as these are not gluten free.

Dickey’s BBQ Pit- All of their meats are gluten free along with most of their sides.  Go for the beans, coleslaw, dill potato salad, mustard potato salad, green beans with bacon or baked potato casserole, as they all are gluten free.  Meat plates are served with a slice of bread, so make sure to notify them beforehand.

Cantina Laredo- Find a variety of gluten free Tex-Mex dishes noted by a gray triangle on each menu.  Options include guacamole, queso, salads, and chicken fajitas (the beef is not gluten free). 

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