Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gluten Free in Athens' International Airport (ATH)

During our trip we had 2 departing flights and 2 incoming flights into this airport unfortunately, there weren’t many food options. The airport was filled with duty-free shopping and small coffee/sandwich/snack shops positioned near the departure gates, but no real restaurants.  My advice is to either eat before you get to the airport or bring some snacks with you in your carry on bag.  The only 2 options I found were:

Juice Bar-While I’m not quite sure what the name is, the juice bar is located just inside the airport door near the Aitalia check-in counters.  The down side to this option is that you’ll need to finish the drink before heading through security.

Food Village-I never found this ‘village’ while in the airport but the website suggests they offer traditional Greek food and a variety of salads that may be gluten free.

For a full list of Athens International Airport restaurants, click here. (

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