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Gluten Free in Greece Part 2: Mykonos

In case you’re just now tuning in, I’ll give you a brief recap of what brought me to Greece.  I had been itching for a vacation and mentioned taking one to my friend Callie.  We started throwing around the idea of Mexico and then just decided if we were going to take a week off work, we may as well go somewhere cool.  The Greece idea was conceived, we were able to get 2 of our friends on board with us and the entire trip was booked within 1 week.  Seems like a great movie storyline, right?

Kivotos Hotel Welcome Room
We arrived in Athens and then flew over to the island of Mykonos, which was just stunning. While it’s known to be a party island frequented by celebrities and the most extreme party-goers, our experience was a much more relaxed one.

When we arrived at our hotel, we instantly were all taken aback by the extravagance of the place and felt like we had to have been dreaming.  I felt as if I were Carrie Bradshaw walking into the palace in Abu Dhabi.  I still am not sure how in the world we got such a great rate, but let me tell you, it was out of this world.  Upon arriving, we were placed in their windowed sitting room and given a glass of champagne.  What more could we ask for? An amazing view, glass of champagne and a sea breeze-we were in heaven.

During our 2 day stay on the island we lounged by the pool, tried out the nightlife at the Paradise Club Mykonos, took a trip into Little Venice and walked our way around part of the island to a castaway beach.  I think our half-day of exploration to the castaway beach was my favorite experience.  As we made the 3-mile walk we stopped to take pictures with all the gorgeous Greek doors and were speechless when we arrived at the beach.  Again, it was like being in a movie.  The water changed colors from a vibrant turquoise into teal into navy blue and was situated between two rocky hills.  It looked photoshopped it was so beautiful. The water was freezing, but that didn’t stop us from swimming!

Alright, so getting to the food stuff; where did we eat?

Lunch at Ithanki
Ithaki: Located in Ornos Bay right on the beach, the restaurant offers authentic Greek foods with a gorgeous view of the water. It’s a bit more on the touristy side as it’s literally a beach restaurant, but the food was pretty good.  I ate a greek salad and chicken svoulaki (without the pita bread).  Petros, our fun waiter, said the chicken was only brushed with olive oil, lemon juice and oregano, so no hidden gluten. The most memorable part of this lunch was our conversation with Petros. He was a man probably in his early 40s who had such a passion for life.  We somehow got into a deep conversation and it made me realize, once again, that we are so lucky to live in such a great country. 
Gluten Free Sea Bass at the Kivotos Hotel

Kivotos Hotel:  This was our hotel during out 2 night stay in Mykonos and let me just say, it was beyond what any of us had expected.  We ate at the hotel restaurant one night and I opted for the fresh Sea Bass.  To be honest, the Sea Bass was pretty underwhelming, but their menu did include a variety of rissotos, filling salads and fish dishes, so there was plenty to chose from. The restaurant was very chic and had brilliant views of the Bay, but overall the food was pretty bland and overpriced.  I’d recommend coming to the restaurant for a drink as the sun sets but finding dinner elsewhere unless staying at the hotel.

Gluten Free in Little Venice Mykonos
L'ile Bistro & Cafe in Little Venice, Mykonos
L’ile Bistro & Café- Located in the heart of Little Venice, this quaint little café offered traditional French café items with a twist.  The owner talked to us for a bit, and as it turned out, he had many friends with Celiac and was able to help me find something on the menu. My friends ate sandwiches and quiche and I ordered a cold cut tray and potato salad.  The cold cut tray was divine; it included local meats and cheeses, olives and pickles. I just wish I had brought some gluten free crackers.  Keep in mind that this is a bread-based café, so I’d recommend it for a light meal or resting place during a day of shopping.
The cold cut tray at L'ile Bistro & Cafe

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